Montag, 30. Januar 2017

YVY - Handmade leather It - pieces

 hand piece
peter pan collar
cherry pullover
other arm candies from

I would like to introduce you one of a kind leather designer and friend of mine from Zurich, Switzerland: YVY.

Her designs are outstanding, exquisite, unique and simple. 
Rivet choker bordeaux
dress and scarf

Rivet choker bordeaux
pussy bow blouse

In 2013, YVY was founded in Zurich, Switzerland creating seasonal-independent designs where traditional craftsmanship meets innovation.
Away from mass production toward skillfully developed pieces of art; YVY stands for selected materials and high quality throughout the entirety of manufacturing. Each piece is handmade by Yvonne and her team, allowing them the ability to fulfill custom wishes.
How you can style the peter pan collar.
peter pan collar
blouses from
In YVY's atelier - with the latest collection: SLEEK
Yoga mat vest
Rivet choker black
alma louis vuitton vintage
belt for alma
The SKIN, SPIRIT, 1001 and SLEEK collections are made from the finest Italian leather and prove how seductive sustainability can be. Each collection blurs the lines of traditional accessories and clothing; the range varying from bracelets, to body harnesses, to full dresses. Detailed tracery, lacing and delicate rivets, combined with carefully crafted cuts, melt into transcendental pieces of craftsmanship.
The collections are available through YVY’s own webshop as well as in selected boutiques.

Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Coffeetable books

As you know I really enjoy beautiful and special things. And reading and watching pretty and interesting coffeetable books is definitely one of my hobbies.

Here you can see some of my favorites. They are from topics like music, architecture, fashion, photography and art.

I like to savour these little treasures in my vintage living room in my favorite diamond chair from Bertoia, it's so cosy and comfortable with its bloodred sheep fur. Or I am on my sofa and listen to records on my new, but vintage looking record player from Lenco.

Which are your favorite books and records?

Diamond chair at:

Lenco record player at: or

Books from left to right and top to bottom:
Kurt Cobain - The last session from Jesse Frohman
Mies in Brno - The Tugendhat House
Manon - Eine Person; Scheidegger & Spiess
Alles über Vintage Mode from Nicky Albrechtsen; Prestel
Hans Bellmann - Protagonist der Schweizer Wohnkultur; Design+Design, Scheidegger & Spiess
Sheer from Viva van Story
Psychobuch from Beni Bischof
Gottfried Helnwein; Albertina Wienöder/dp/3775735844
Kinky Bondage Obsession from Jim Weathers; Goliath

Samstag, 28. Januar 2017

Heart - Valentine - Dr Martens

Today I found these incredible heart brogues from Dr Martens on the instagram account of a friend who has always great inspirations for me: and I was completely falling in love. 

So I poke around in the web and found these heartwarming bags and T-Shirts - I could resist and bought myself the brogues (Joyce Heart) there are also some boots (Bentley II Heart) but I prefer the shoes. And I add the white bag with the red heart and the white T- Shirt to my basket. So right now I am feeling like a little child and have to wait til my order will be delivered :-(

I bought them at:

So stay tuned for my next entry with my outfits for the heart brogues, the bag and the T-Shirt.