Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Le petit Poeme

This is my favorite shop in Zurich; you can find absolutely everything what's lovely here: bows, polka dots, stripes, hearts, Alice in Wonderland, shoes, bags, sweet dresses, a lot of accessories - come in and get a surprise!

Le petit Poeme you can find here: Badenerstrasse 131, 8004 Zürich 
And there is a webshop, too:

Here are some of my favorites in Eve's shop, and it's not a secret; she has the same passion for bows like me!

Lola Ramona has the funniest shoes and these are warm, too!
The shoes from Dico are always sooo comfy - I own some pairs - they are  balm for your feet!
These are earrings from the Theme Hensel & Gretel from the same label N2.
This necklace is from the Theme: Alice in Wonderland from the French label N2.
This is the water tab pin; it comes in the leather cover with a tiny book in a paper bag.
This jewellery will be sold exclusively in Switzerland by Le petit Poeme!
The adorable jewellery from Miss Bibi comes in this tiny paper bag.
This is my most worn headband ever! It is red leather with a bow - I love it!
Put on the black flower headband and you are best dressed!
The supercute circle skirt from Ponymädchen is calling Wirtschaftswunder.
This bow skirt from the british label FEVER is just awesome!

You can match this owl with your Thomas Sabo Charmbracelets or necklaces - available in black and red.

These red sparkling bow earrings match with almost everything in the shop!
You need these cute red leather bow gloves!
The Quillings umbrella in black - I get so much compliments with it.
Vintage postcard necklace
Golden key necklace

And here's the pearl bow necklace from Tosh.

That's a bow brooch from Tosh.


Whirlingturban Bombshell Dresses and Pinup Couture are made in a small, custom design studio surrounded by an orchid-dripping and dragonfly-humming tropical garden in exotic Bali. You can choose between custom made or ready to wear dresses, there is a huge range of fabrics!! Have a look at the catalogue. 

The shipping fee to Switzerland is 40$ and the dresses are from 169 - 200$. Watch out the link: 

The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof dress - 189$ + 40$ shipping!

The red Hawaiian dress - 195$ + 40$ shipping!

This is the pink Peek a Boo dress - 179$ + 40$ shipping!

Dead Hollywood

I am totally in love with the ginham red white trenchcoat from Death Hollywood, it looks soooo cute! The designer produces size 34 - 50!!! That's soo cool! And she sews in Switzerland. Watch her site, you can choose from the fabrics and customize your own clothes!

Classic Saddle shoes

I always want to get one pair of this cool college shoes, last week in Berlin I found them here:
SunsetStar - Berlin in Friedrichshain, Kopernikusstrasse 11, 10245 Berlin; they have a webshop as well.

Here you can see my new saddle shoes in white and navy: It costs 99 Euro in the shop. They are soo comfy so you can dance the whole night long.

And I found a webshop where you can get the same shoe in white and red - I love it.

The red white swingsaddle shoe from muffys! Cost 115$.

Vivienne Westwood bags

Vivienne Westwood has a new range of supercute bags - we want to have a look at them right now.

Vivienne Westwood Stripey 13/051 Bag Violet 315£
Vivienne Westwood Winter Tartan 4580 Bag Multi 429£

Vivienne Westwood Stripey 13/053 Bag Violet 235£

Vivienne Westwood Stripey 13/053 Bag Black 235£
All these supercute bags you can buy here:

And if you are living outside UK and EU you can order them TAX FREE!

The Lady Dragon with Cherries from Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes

I die for the new Vivienne Westwood for Melissa highheels - they smell like candies and they look like a fancy cake with cherries on top of it.

Let's have a look at them, there are three to choose, which one is the cutest?? I can't decide it!
That's the Lady Dragon Shoe with Cherries in white.

That's the Lady Dragon shoe with cherries in peach.

That's the Lady Dragon shoes with cherries in green.

All these wonderful cherry artworks you can buy here:

Each pair cost 110£ but if you are living outside UK and EU you can order it TAX FREE!

Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010


At the moment all the people are talking about the new Louis Vuitton collection made by Marc Jacobs - it is great, isn't it - but have a look at the new Prada dresses, they are inspired by the old fabrics and cuts of the 50ies from Prada itself.
I am falling totally in love with this blue Prada dress - it is soo lovely and brings the 50ies feeling to you. You want to sit on a Vespa, drive to the lake and have a picnic! And the new Prada bags go perfectly with the dress.

Prada dress 
I love the new (old) bags, too. Prada goes back to it roots and revive their bags, the making, the materials, the colours.
Prada bags

Fumanchuh in Berlin, Germany

The shop has a lot of nice heels and flats for Rockabellas, cute jewellery and brooches, patches, stockings and another accessories. I bought a nice horse necklace and a brooch.

The shop is in Friedrichshain, Kopernikusstrasse 9, 10245 Berlin.
Fornarina black and white heels with changeable bows bought in 2009

Fornarina black and white heels with changeable buttons

1st May brooch

Rocking horse necklace from Berlin, Germany

I found this webshop on the Mauerpark fleamarket in Berlin, German - but you can check their website:

They make sweet jewellery with trash and little things. I got this nice sewing machine from a friend of me.

Black - golden sewing machine

Postcard with some jewellery from the shop

Blackdoorbeauty Schmuck in Berlin, Germany

In their showroom they show a breathtaking up - to - date collection of everything! You can customize the jewellery as well.

You find the shop in Friedrichshain: 
Kopernikusstrasse 7A, 10245 Berlin (U Frankfurter Tor / U Warschauerstrasse)

Hello Kitty photographer earrings

Red lace bracelet macro

Red Polkadots earrings

The holy family medaillon

Miss Lexi's Kleinigkeiten

Heart collar with white ribbon.

I love the collars and fascinators from Miss Lexi's Kleinigkeiten - every one is unique and you can choose the fabrics!

Miss Lexi is from Switzerland but she is living now in Berlin, Germany. Watch out her Facebook Site: 

Cherry collar with green back and white ribbon.

Spectacular glasses

I always like to look for new glasses - here is one of the best optician in Germany, the shop is in Berlin, but you can order the glasses online, too. Here is the link to the "Lunettes Brillenagentur":

Here is one of my new conquest:

Aramis Cateye 50ies Style

Aramis Cateye 50ies Style

These are the Metzler classic 50ies glasses.

Pashley bicycles

I know it isn't the time for bicycles but these are just amazing you have to have it in your garage til the spring is coming again.

These are my favorites for ladies:

This is calling Princess Sovereign.

And here is another one, my absolutely favorite one:

This is calling Britannia.
And here is one for the gentlemen:

It is calling Guvnor.

All of them come with a Brooks saddle!

You can buy them here: